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Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Latest Movie!

Hello Everyone!!

I am all excited about my latest movie that was just released. It was in production for a long time, since the company that I am under contract with, Zhaba Productions, ran into some technical difficulties. Fortunately, these are all now rectified, and my show business career is back on track. So, have your popcorn ready, sit back and enjoy me (Koobuss) and my friends Sadie, Gracie, and Champie in "Our Walk on a Gloomy Saturday in January 2008". Here it is....

Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Ready

Hi Friends!!

I'm all ready for the big Sooooooooooooper Bowl Pawty weekend at Gus's and Joey's houses in Arizbona. I can't wait. I've got my green football shirt and my football. What more can I possibly need?

What'd ya mean, the Eagles are not playing in the game? Nobody told me. Humph.

I'll just have to wear my black shirt then. What? The Steelers aren't in the game either? Oh No!!! Now what do I do??? These are the only football shirts I have!! AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Look What I Got!

Hi Friends!

I am all excited because the mailman (one of my favorite people since he gives me treats) brought us a package from my Aunt Janet in Manassas, VA. My mom's name was on the box, but that's irrelevant. Although there was something in the box for her, this is what I got.

Watch the slideshow and see.

Thank You, Aunt Janet!!


The frog just croaked. I got him!! There is the evidence.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Morning After Too Much Football

Need I say more?

My Winter Coat

Hi Everybody,

The weather thingy on my side bar says that it is now 5 degrees outside. That is cold, even for me, and I like the cold. I have a very thick winter coat. It is so thick that water won't even seep through, and it serves me well when I am outside walking with Sadie, her mom, and my mom. (Someday I'll tell you about our walking program. So far the most interesting thing that has happened was yesterday when Sadie and I made poopers together at the same time on opposite sides of the street. It was awesome, seeing us work in harmony like that. And we didn't even plan it. It was strictly improv. I don't know if anyone saw this once-in-a-lifetime performance, but both our moms laughed. How come humans never have their video cameras handy when we do something really spectacular?)

Now, getting back to what I first started to talk about, my winter coat. People cannot keep their hands off it. They just have to rub their fingers through my fur and pet me every chance they get. So, I get lots of massages and I like those.

The downside of having so much fur is that I look a lot bigger than I really am. Also, mud sticks to my legs and belly fur when it is sloppy out. Now for me, that is not a bad thing, but my mom doesn't seem to like it. When I come back from a walk all wet and muddy, before my mom can get me cleaned off, I run away from her and jump on grandpa's lap where I clean myself off on his clothes. He is so happy to see me that he really doesn't care how wet or muddy I am. Now that is real love.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Exercise Program

Hello, my Dear Furry and Non-furry Friends,

It is time for our daily exercises.

Please not today, I have a headache.

Alright, if you insist.

Warm up and neck stretches. While you are at it, wipe your face on the carpet. Nobody will mind.

Stretch to your right.

Forward stretches. Splatter yourself on your blankie.

Now stretch your left paw and your right leg.

Here's what I think of this exercise program. (Enlarge last photo by clicking on it for full effect.)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Morning

Hi Friends,

It is a cold, dreary Monday morning in the middle of January. All the fun of the weekend is over. I am bored and have nothing to do.

I think I'll scratch myself.

There. That feels good. Now what can I do next?

Friday, January 11, 2008


Hi Everybody!!

You are all invited to a Valentine's Day Ski pawty at a romantic resort in the Pocono Mountains! There will be skiing, snowboarding, tubing, sleigh riding, snowmobile riding and all kinds of fun. Plus there will be a lodge with a fireplace, a sauna, and a casino available for your enjoyment. Bedrooms have heart shaped beds. Valentine's Day is on a Thursday. Plan to stay the entire weekend. Let me know if you are interested in coming.

Don't forget to make your reservations on AireRuby, and bring your warm clothes.


Mount Hairy Lodge, here we come!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

You Make My Day Award

You Make My Day Award

The Thuglets gave me this award this morning!! Thank You, guys!! I am honored. You sure made my day!!

Here is what they said:

"The award is awarded to 'people whose blog brings you happiness & inspiration and makes you feel happy about Blogland.

The 'rules' of this award say we may nominate up to 10 bloggers who make our day." Be sure to notify them.

I, in turn, give this award to:
1. Agatha and Archie
2. Asta Up Over
3. GirlGirl
4. Gus
5. Lorenza
6. Maggie and Mitch
7. Scruffy, Lacie, and BabyStan
8. Stanley and Stella
9. Ms. Creek
10. Patience

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tongue Tag

Hi Friends,
Asta wants us to show our tongue, so here is mine.

This picture serves a double purpose. First, it fulfills my requirement for tongue exposing. Second, it lets everyone know how I feel about my mom's new walking program. AGHhhhh!! More on this later.

Since Asta tagged everybody to show their tongue, I will not tag anybody. I also have some other tags that I have to get caught up on, as soon as I remember what they were.

So please excuse me while I get back to my nap. I am exhausted.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Trooper Koobuss

Hi Everybody,

Please don't laugh.

As some of you may know, I joined the Army of Four last fall and successfully completed my mission of eradicating my sector of all bunnies and relocating them across the border to the neighbor's yard. (I'm still working on the squirrels, with much less success. They ignore all my barking. Maybe they don't have good hearing.)

Recently we were called to duty by Supreme Commander Stormy to help find Beau. I'm sure that you know the story by now. I can't give you any information about my orders since they are top secret, even to me.

Right now my biggest concern is my hat. It doesn't fit me right, my left ear sticks out, and my supply sergeant didn't do a good job of outfitting me. (She hasn't used Photoshop in a while and she seems to have lost her touch.) As you can tell from my picture, I am not a happy camper, I mean trooper.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Hi Friends,

Well, we did it. The Holidays are over and all of the Christmas stuff is down, packed, and put away until next year, except for a few generic snowmen who are hanging around because after all, it is still winter. All the Christmas left-overs are gone and so is the Christmas music and the Christmas glow. People have returned to school and work. Things are back to normal.

Here is what I have I learned from all this:

1. Putting up Christmas, or any, decorations is fun. Taking them down and putting them away is work.
2. One hundred bulbs on a string of lights is not necessarily a good thing.
3. It's time for spring.

I'm waiting for the arrival of the groundhog next month. He's in big trouble if I don't like what he has to say. Grrr.

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