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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scary Eye Contest

Hi Friends,

I've decided to enter Deetz' Scary Eye Contest. Here I am with one scary eye. This photo was taken during the winter, when I had all my fur.

The second photo, with two scary eyes, was taken soon after my awful haircut. Now that's scary!

I don't know how many times we are allowed to enter, but since we have two eyes, I entered twice. Hehehe. The second photo itself is scary.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baby Brother

Hi Everybody,

Guess what! I have a baby brother up in New York State.

We just heard from my breeders, Cindy and Ray Smith of Rexleigh Fox Terriers in Binghamton, NY, that my parents, Bandit and Molly, had a baby boy puppy on February 24, 2008. He is eight weeks old now and he looks just like me when I was that size. They are calling him Ace, although that may not be his permanent name. He is still living with his birth parents.

Isn't he a cutie!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

On Days Like These

This is what I like to do on days like these. (Isn't that a song title, or something?)
I like to sit with Grandpa on the bench under the big tree out front.

What do you like to do on perfect spring "days like these"?

Washington, DC Trip, Last Day

Hi Everybody,

Well, it's time to gather up all my passengers so we can head for home. It was a nice mini vacation, but it's time to leave. Now where is everybody?

Here Aggie, Asta, Sadie, BabyStan, and Stella are waiting for Maggie to exit the museum. Seems that she fell in love with Davy Crockett's hat. We've got to drag her away!

Oh no!! Scruffy, Lacie, and BabyStan are going to drink from the big swimming pool! STOP!!!! Don't do that guys!! You never know what's in pool water!

Maggie, (I see she finally left the museum), Asta Marie, Dewey, and Toby want to climb up the Washington Monument. You guys go. We'll wait here and take a nap.

We got our group picture taken at the capitol, like all groups do when they come to DC. A trip to Washington would not be complete without a group photo. From left to right we are: BabyStan, Asta, Dewey, Aggie, Stella, Sadie, Me (Koobie), Scruffy, Lacy, Asta Marie, Toby, and Maggie.

Now we're headin' home to rest up before our next adventure. Bye Bye Washington!

(I lost my hat.)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sunday Adventure

Hi Friends,

Phew!! What a day today was! After spending a very pleasant night with E. Rabbit at her place, everybody decided that since it was a rainy day that they would go to see the museums in town. But I knew that the Yankees were not far away in Baltimore, and I wanted to go to the game instead. So, while my friends toured the Smithsonian and other places, I drove to Inner Harbor in Baltimore. It took me a while to find the stadium.

Oh, there it is! Oriole Park at Camden Yards!! I am so excited.

Do you think they'll let me pawk here? Probably not.

Well, I don't have a ticket, but I think if I give this nice lady lots of Koobuss kisses, she will let me in. This always works with Grandpa. Koobuss kisses will get me anything I want.

I gotta hurry to get my seat.

Now here's a good seat. I'm sure this kindly looking gentleman will let me have some of his drink. Probaby not.

Oh boy!!! This is so much fun!!! I just love baseball. No wonder it's the national past time.

Go Yankees!!!!

(After two rain delays, the Yankees defeated the Orioles, 7-1)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Washington, DC Trip

Hi Everybody,

Here we are, still riding around Washington, DC.

Finally, we decided to park and walk around, since it is so much better to see DC on foot. What happened to Sadie? How come she stayed in the kar?

No! That's not him!! Alright already!! I'm leaving!!!

He's getting closer!!! I know!!! Here I come!!!

(Although he does seem a little stiffer than usual. He doesn't smell the same either.)

I wonder what happened to Asta, Aggie, Stella, and Maggie.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Washington, DC Trip

Hi Friends,

What a beautiful spring day!! It is just a perfect day to go for a ride. So, some of my friends (Sadie, Aggie, Asta, Stella, and Maggie) and I decided to drive around awhile in my kar. Look where we ended up. In DC! But, nobody is around. Where is everybody?

What? We are not the only visitors in town?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Valued Friend Award

Hi Furry and Non-Furry Friends,

Gramps and I were hanging out together tonight, with different interests of course, when I learned that I received a "Valued Friend" Award from my new friend Karl. I am truly honored to receive this.

Karl is a cat who lives in the Cat Realm in Arizbona. I met him at Asta's pawty. Today, April 15 (It is still today, isn't it?) is his First Blogiversary and there was a huge pawty at his place. Check out his blog and see. You can find him at /

While I have made so many wonderful new friends over the past year, I am going to pass this award on to my newest little buddy, Stella.

(Talk about a valued friend. How 'bout the one I'm sitting on?)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Morning

Hi Everybody,

This is what I did on Saturday morning.

"The Bandit" by Eddie Barclay, 1955.


Hi Friends,

It has been an exhausting week, as you know. On Monday we all gathered at Asta's apartment in New York to welcome her home from her trip to Rome and to throw a surprise pawty for Ruby's second barkday. You must remember, you were all there. While Asta didn't get back until Tuesday night, we started to pawty on Monday soon after we arrived. That seems about right. Then when the pawty broke up on Thursday morning, on our way back home, Ruby couldn't fly her plane (we think she was sick), so Scruffy and I took the controls and we flew the plane. (I never did understand compasses.) When we "landed" in Mexico to drop off Lorenza, we missed our turn and ended up in Cancun. (Am I ever glad that sand is soft!) Anyway, while the plane was in the garage being repaired, we had some time to ourselves, so we hung out around the beach. There we were able to rest up and recuperate from our four days of pawtying, if you know what I mean. Ruby felt better the next day after her rest and some time in the sun. She was then able to resume her job as pilot and get us all home.

So, here I sit now thinkin'.

The first thing that I noticed when I got home was that my mom changed my photo on the top of my blog. Finally!! I was wondering how much longer she was going to let that old picture of me up there that was taken all the way back in February. I was such a kid then. She finally put a photo up of me as I look now, since my infamous haircut. I am a much more mature looking Koobuss.

And, that's what made me think. I began to wonder if, now that I look so grown up, if I should start acting more responsibly. After all, I am going to be eighteen months old this month. Maybe it is time for me to start behaving like an adult.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008



Are we ever having fun!! Asta's home!! And it is Ruby's barkday!! We just have so much to celebrate. I don't know if we can get it all in. Here are some unidentified culprits playing with water balloons. They shall remain nameless. Hehehe!

Next, we sat down to celebrate Ruby's birthday with her. It was first come, first serve seating. Not all guests were able to fit around the table, there were so many of us. Here we are waiting to be served, but I, I mean we, may have forgotten to hire the caterer. Oops. WHOSE JOB WAS IT TO HIRE THE CATERER?????? The service isn't very good. I don't know how Asta Marie and Dewey have their ice cream already. And Jackson has a martini. They must know somebody. Obviously, they have better connections than the rest of us do.

Finally, we just gave out. Asta was exhausted from her trip, and we were pooped from pawtying, so we crashed. Some of us were able to make it up on the bed with Asta, while the rest of us just plopped down any old place.

What do you mean this is Ami and George's bed? Says who? We were here first and we are not moving! If they don't like it, they'll just have to go back to Rome! So there! Hold your ground, guys!!

Welcome Home Ami, George, and Asta! Glad you are back!! Missed ya!!!

Koobie and Family

I'm So Ready to Pawty

We have been waiting here all day long for Asta to come home and she's not here yet. Somebody told us that she would be home today, Monday. Now they said it's today, Tuesday. I'm confused again.

It's cold out here. The taxi drivers won't give us any more rides. We walked around the block lots of times and we still didn't get any treats at Asta's Mommi's favorite restaurant. I'm cold, tired, and hungry. It's time to go inside to meet up with some of the other guests. Anybody want to join me?????

Monday, April 7, 2008

We're Waitin'

Hi Everybody!!

Here we are outside of Asta's building in New York, waiting for her and her Mommi and Daddi to come home from Rome.

We are going to have a Welcome Home pawty for them. Everybody's invited. SSSSHHH.... Don't tell anybody. It's a surprise!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Calling All Hat Contest Winners!!!

Hi Everybody,

Will all 12 winners in the recent Easter Bonnet Competition please take this award to proudly display on your blog! Also, prizes will be mailed out to the winners this week. If you haven't sent my mom your mailing address, please do so as soon as possible so that she may get your prize out to you. Thanks.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Final Score

LV Iron Pigs 0
S/WB Yankees 4

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Opening Night

Hi Friends,

Guess what, everybody!! Opening night is finally here and this is where my family is going tonight. I've got my sun visor. I'm ready to go!

Earlier today Granndpa and I practiced our routine. Press the play button and see.

What? I'm not going to go??? Waaahhh!!! I can chase the ball as good as anybody!!

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