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Sunday, April 29, 2007

I'm in Stitches

Dear Furry Friends,

Thanks to all of you for your responses and well wishes concerning my recent surgery. I am doing fine now, but I have to go back to the vet's to get my stiches removed on May 9.

These sticthes give me itches.

Lots of kisses,

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spayed and Dismayed

Hi Everybody,

This morning they took me to the vet's and I was spayed and microchipped. No one told me about this. I thought I was just going for a ride. Boy, was I surprised! They are not going to do this to me again, that's for sure.

Today I was spayed, tonight I'm dismayed. Spaying is not as much fun as playing. I've spent the whole day in bed.

But whatever they gave me is pretty good stuff. I think I'll go back to sleep now.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kousin Buzzin

Hi Guys,

Here is a picture of my great kousin Koobus I, the one who started it all. He lived here from 1975 to 1984 and was a rescue dog from the local SPCA.

One sunny summer day a son of a bee inoculated Kousin Koobus when K1 inadvertently sat on him. He got stung you know where. (He was never the same after that with that venom in him.) The look on kousin Koobus’ face was one of amazement! He did what any wft would do. He ran upstairs at top speed and hid under the bed. Nobody saw him for the rest of the day. The stinger did a zinger on him. From then on, a buzzing bee made kousin Koobie flee. If anything can make you humble, it’s a bumble, especially in the wrong spot. More than one proud dog has been humiliated in this manner.

What exactly is a bumble anyway and how do bees get them? Did anyone ever see a bumble on a bee?

The moral of the story is: DO NOT RUMBLE WITH THOSE WHO BUMBLE. It hurts!

Why do bees do this to us dogs? We don’t bite them. I got the bumble head on his cell and asked him. His answer was, “Whatever will bee will bee”. So bee it.

Isn’t this a honey of a story?

Saturday, April 14, 2007


YIKES! Look what I saw walking around our neighborhood! Just when I thought the invaders were gone, along comes this thing! OUCH!! This is way too much for me. I barked and barked at him as best as I could, but he was not impressed. He never budged!

Today I saw him in my neighbor's yard (not mine though). I barked again. Again he ignored me! Later I saw a real live bunny rabbit in my yard and I barked and barked at him from my deck and he never even moved! I also saw a squirrel and barked at him too, but he also ignored me. Nobody takes a puppy seriously. I hope that when I grow up that I will get some respect.

Maybe I should get back to doing my family research. It's less stressful.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Family History

Hi Everybody,

I have decided to do a family history while I am still young and there is less work.

Here is a picture of my birth parents, Bandit and Molly. I wonder if my father was really a bandit. Sounds exciting. I’ve checked the post office walls—no picture. Anyway, his full name is Yankee Doodle Bandit. He really does not look like a bandit, but he does look like a Doodle to me. Also, he must be a Yankees fan, which is okay with me since my people here are too. My mother Molly looks like a real sweetheart, just like me. I wonder if she was a Doodle, too. Maybe I should research the Doodle family line -- or not. There must be oodles of Doodles out there.

I will keep you posted as I uncover the family secrets. HAHA!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Great News!!

Hi Everybody!!

I have great news!! The invaders are gone!! All of a sudden, just like that, they all left! HA! Good Riddance!! I knew I would get rid of them eventually.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

A New Discovery

Hi furry friends,

I made a terrific discovery the other day and I want to share it with you! It’s about how to avoid a bath. It’s called “hiding under the bed” and it works great! If you are outside and get dirty, when you come back in the house all you have to do is crawl under the bed. By the time your mother finds you and gets you out, you are clean! Then you won’t need a bath anymore! Isn’t that brilliant!!

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