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Adult Entertainment

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Hi Friends,

The other day we got some new black mulch put in around our front shrubbery. I just discovered it and I think it is the greatest thing in the whole wide world next to bully sticks and bully stick holders, of course.

Tonight my mom stepped outside with her camera to take some pictures of the sky after our early evening storms.

After she took her photos, this is what she saw.

B U S T E D!!!!
Do you think I'm in trouble?

By the way, my mom has done some research, and it seems that our snake visitor is a harmless milk snake. They live in eastern woodlands and on rocky slopes. That describes here. They are also nocturnal, but ours seems to have had its days and nights mixed up. It must have reset its body clock because we have not seen it again. That's fine with me.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Hi Everybody,

I think that you've seen me before. I'm the star of the Adult Video that appeared on this blog last week. I just moved here from northern Virginia. And, because it's Wheelie Wednesday, I thought I'd grab the computer and let you know what's going on here. Although I'm not really a wheelie, I have a wheelie, really. But, I don't have a name yet. Nobody can think of one for me.

Today there were some unusual sights around here. For example, here's Koobie dancing for the mailman. Isn't that disgusting. She's supposed to bark at him, not entertain him. She's looking for a treat. The last thing that she needs is another snack. It doesn't look like her diet is working. Oh, that's right. We're coming off a long holiday weekend where Koobie did a lot of pawtying. But, I still think she should join Jackson's Substantial Wire Club.

And finally, look who took a nap under our bench!! Mom would not let Koobie near him. Koobuss would have ripped him to shreds!! Mom left for a few hours and when she returned our intruder was gone. Good thing, too. If Koobie saw him, it would have turned ugly.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hi Everyone!

I think I discovered a cure for insomnia, besides my videos.

Last night I could not sleep, so I kept everybody else awake too. I woke up my mom after 2, 4, and 6 AM, and I woke up Grandpa after 4 AM. They don't get mad at me because I do it by smothering them with kisses. Hehehehe. Maybe I didn't get much sleep, but I had a lot of fun.

Today I'll sleep real good.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adult Entertainment

Hi Friends,

This is what my mom and her friend Janet were doing here the other day. I watched for a little while and then it just got so suspenseful that I could not look anymore.

These are two sober sixty-year old women.

I am so proud of them.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Hi Everybody!

Boy, did I have fun today!! Aunt Janet came up from Virginia and brought me some toys, but best of all, she brought me a fresh supply of bully sticks! We have been out of them for so long now. I finally have some more. She even held the bully stick for me to chew on! I am so happy. Aunt Janet, I love you!

But, you know, the old experienced bully stick holders are still the best.

Yum.... There aren't any calories in bully sticks, are there?

Who cares?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Willow and Putter's Pawty

Hi Everybody,

Things have been so hectic lately that I haven't even had a chance to talk to all my friends. It takes a while to prepare for a trip half-way around the world. It's Willow's and Putter's birthday and they are having a great big pawty in Australia. We have been here for a few days now, having all kinds of fun.

The other day we visited Ayres Rock. What fun we had sliding down the big rock!!

The next day some of us gathered for a group picture.

Here we are all trying to behave at the same time. If you click on the photo, you will see that's impossible!!

See Asta's and Willow's blog for more details. I'm going swimming!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Hi Everybody,

I am not available today. If you want me, you'll have to make arrangements with my appointment's secretary.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there!

And a special Happy Mother's Day to my two moms, canine and human. I love you!!

Here is a photo of my birth mother, Molly. Isn't she beautiful!! I want to look just like her when I grow up. (What? I'm already grown up? Shucks!!)

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Phew!!! What a weekend!!

After the rain I told you about yesterday, Ruby stopped by with her jet and picked me up for our trans-Atlantic flight to the UK for Blue's big pawty at Dreaminspires. All my friends were already on board, so we only needed one more stop in New York to get Asta and Luna. Then we headed across the ocean for the big bash.

What a time we had. We did everything! Here we are during our morning water volleyball game. Did you ever play morning water volleyball? It's fun. You use a big red ball and play it without a net. There are fourteen dogs to a side and you make up the rules as you go along. That way, no two games are alike. It's a lot of fun. My team won. Hehehe. Anyway, I digress.
In the photo, in no particular order since we are bunched up, are: Agatha, Archie, Amber, Asta Marie, Dewey, Toby, Asta, Jake Barkalot, Bogart, Butchy, Snickers, Eric, me (Koobie), GirlGirl, Harry, Cassidy, Joe Stains, Tanner, Luna, Maggie, Mitch, Mona, Noah, Willow, Tess, Lucy, Pacco, Peanut, Snowball, Putter, Ruby Bleu, Scruffy, Lacie, BabyStan, Stanley, Stella, and Wiliam Tell.
(If I missed anyone, I apologize.)

After the game we were hungry, so we went to lunch. Snowball recommended this place, Fuller's The Head of the River, and since it was her birthday, we went along with whatever she wanted. It was also Blue's and Eric's and BabyStan's birthdays, too, but Snowball knows where all the best food is. I went off my diet, but don't tell anybody. Here we are waiting to get served.

We were hungry from all our morning exercise. It looks like Jake is about to jump! Other dogs may be getting in trouble, too, except for Asta Marie who found a book that she can't put down, The Joy of Gambling. On this picture are: Jackson, Maya, Lucy, Stanley, Gus, Asta Marie, Snowball, Cassidy, Harry, Lorenza, Kena, Luna, Stella, BabyStan, Deetz, Asta, Agatha, Koobie, Simba, Archie, Lacie, Eric, Jake Barkalot, Joe Stains, Toby, Scruffy, Dewey, and Teka.

Then, some of the boys went shopping. They said they were going into town to look for presents for their mothers since it's also Mother's Day weekend. I wonder if they found anything.

Pictured are Peanut, Joe Stains, Jake Barkalot, Archie, Dewey, Scruffy, Harry, BabyStan, Eric, and Simba.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Rainy Friday

Hi Friends,

Can it get any worse than this?

This morning when I got up I was in a pleasant enough mood. I walked to the door with a smile on my face. My mom opened it, I started out and saw this. RAIN!! I stopped dead in my tracks, growled at the weather, backed up, turned around, went into the living room, found my red blankie, and went back to sleep.

Dogs can only avoid the elements for so long, however. Eventually, we are going to have to go for a walk, and my turn came in a couple of hours. Mom took me out in a cold steady rain, but it was a necessity, being that my digestive track is somewhat out of order due to the new "food program" that I am on. Anyway, I went looking for Sadie, but she was in her house, warm and dry, so I did not get to play. Then mom and I walked for half a mile in the cold rain and I finally did what I was supposed to do. When we got back home, we were both soaked, and I was also muddy, so mom put me right in the tub and I got a nice warm bath. (I actually enjoyed it, but don't tell anybody.) Then I had to stay inside for the next several hours.

I hope tomorrow's better.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Vet Visit

Hi Everybody,

The other day I went to the vet to get my shots, or at least that's what they told me. Turns out I got a lot more than that. He examined me thoroughly. I even got my temperature taken with a rectal thermometer. (The indignity of it.) Then I got two needles. Now being a true wire fox terrier, I didn't gripe when he took my temperature. I didn't cry when I got the needles. I didn't bark or whine. I didn't even bite anybody!

But no matter how bad all that was, it paled in comparison to ............... the scale. They tried to get me to stand on the scale. It was a metal thing on the floor with a rubber mat on it and a screen with numbers. Like any self-respecting female, I wanted no part of it. So I fought them tooth and nail, gripping in my paws on their waxed tile floor so that they could not budge me. When they finally dragged me onto it, I walked right off! Don't they have it in my file that I have an aversion to scales? Finally, they were able to hold me down on the scale long enough for the numbers to stop changing so that they could get a glimpse of whatever number it settled on for a microsecond. It wasn't pretty.

Now I am on a diet and life isn't as much fun as it used to be. Instead of eating things like this....

(I won't explain this picture.)

or this....

(I won't explain this picture either.)

I am now eating this, or I should say, not eating this. (I am on a hunger strike.)

My mom even hid my regular treats on Grandpa, so he has to give me these low cal versions.

What have I ever done to them? I love everybody, even the vet. I give kisses to everybody. And now, look at how I am being treated. I could scream.

Tell me, do I look that fat? I'm just long, or big-boned, like Jackson says. Why don't they understand that? After all, they can lose a few pounds themselves, too.

But at least I was invited to join Jackson's Substantial Wire Fox Terrier Club! There is always a bright side.

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