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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Phew!!! What a weekend!!

After the rain I told you about yesterday, Ruby stopped by with her jet and picked me up for our trans-Atlantic flight to the UK for Blue's big pawty at Dreaminspires. All my friends were already on board, so we only needed one more stop in New York to get Asta and Luna. Then we headed across the ocean for the big bash.

What a time we had. We did everything! Here we are during our morning water volleyball game. Did you ever play morning water volleyball? It's fun. You use a big red ball and play it without a net. There are fourteen dogs to a side and you make up the rules as you go along. That way, no two games are alike. It's a lot of fun. My team won. Hehehe. Anyway, I digress.
In the photo, in no particular order since we are bunched up, are: Agatha, Archie, Amber, Asta Marie, Dewey, Toby, Asta, Jake Barkalot, Bogart, Butchy, Snickers, Eric, me (Koobie), GirlGirl, Harry, Cassidy, Joe Stains, Tanner, Luna, Maggie, Mitch, Mona, Noah, Willow, Tess, Lucy, Pacco, Peanut, Snowball, Putter, Ruby Bleu, Scruffy, Lacie, BabyStan, Stanley, Stella, and Wiliam Tell.
(If I missed anyone, I apologize.)

After the game we were hungry, so we went to lunch. Snowball recommended this place, Fuller's The Head of the River, and since it was her birthday, we went along with whatever she wanted. It was also Blue's and Eric's and BabyStan's birthdays, too, but Snowball knows where all the best food is. I went off my diet, but don't tell anybody. Here we are waiting to get served.

We were hungry from all our morning exercise. It looks like Jake is about to jump! Other dogs may be getting in trouble, too, except for Asta Marie who found a book that she can't put down, The Joy of Gambling. On this picture are: Jackson, Maya, Lucy, Stanley, Gus, Asta Marie, Snowball, Cassidy, Harry, Lorenza, Kena, Luna, Stella, BabyStan, Deetz, Asta, Agatha, Koobie, Simba, Archie, Lacie, Eric, Jake Barkalot, Joe Stains, Toby, Scruffy, Dewey, and Teka.

Then, some of the boys went shopping. They said they were going into town to look for presents for their mothers since it's also Mother's Day weekend. I wonder if they found anything.

Pictured are Peanut, Joe Stains, Jake Barkalot, Archie, Dewey, Scruffy, Harry, BabyStan, Eric, and Simba.


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Oh heavens, Koobie...that last pic is the funniest looks like the girls are callin' on their cell phones cuz all these stoopid boy dogs are in their way!!! You sure know how to take the bestest pix!!!!

My your dance card was full, Koob!!! I saw ya fox trottin' with Eric, slow dancin' with Dewey and Tangoing with were amazin' with that red rose in your long foxy mouth!!!!!

Volleyball was the most hilarious thing I've ever done...I do hope I didn't freckle my shoulders...we red heads have to watch...did you notice any?? I'm gonna get Archie to apply some more sunscreen...
It was a lot easier to play volleyball when Harry let me stand on his shoulders...we small dogs are vertically volleyballedly challenged...sigh...

Barkies Koobie...I just don't know what to do next!!!!

Oh...who did your updo for the ball?? I looked like a little kid next to your suave sophisticated foxy wonder the boyz were swarmin' round ya!!!


Ms. Creek said...

yowza, koobs, you have all the fun! you got rain, come to my blog and see our snow!

Asta said...

Those pictoowes you took wewe tewwific..I loved thelunch, but I'll nevew undewstand how come hoomans stawe at us so wudely when we'we being pawfectly polite and well behaved..hwmpffffffff.
I loved the volley ball..Icould play that all day..maybe we could have anothew match tomowwow
smoochie kisses

Blue said...

Glad you enjoyed your-self.
The photo's are soo good.
Now we just have baby-Stans Barkday to celebrate.

Hey, lifes just one big pawty!

Pats & pets

Maggie & Mitch said...

What a pawty this was! We had so much fun! Mitch and I are still going on and on about it! The water volleyball was a blast!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Agatha and Archie said...

Well we are exhausted.....Archie just played a little volleyball (he is watching his back) and he LOVED it..... The last picture had PL2 crying she was laughing so hard..We don't get it?? what is so funny?? Love A+A

Noah the Airedale said...

That game of water volley ball was a hoot. Gosh it took some convincing to get my sissies in the pool....they were after a hairdryer later on....sheesh!!!
Great pics Koobie.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Maya and Kena said...

That was so much fun!! Especially the water volleyball!
You took great pics!! We think the last pic is hilarious!
Happy Mother's Day to your mommy!
Wags and licks,
Maya and Kena

Girl Girl Hamster said...

What a pawsome pawty. :)

~ Girl girl

Eric said...

Koobie, what an amazing photographer you are, those pictures are soooooooooo pawfect.

And you looked so fabulously foxy when we were trotting together . . Wiry wags, Eric x x

Joe Stains said...

Mom said I should be in trouble for being on the roof like that at my age, but she is glad I had fun.

Peanut said...

Mom just fainted when she saw the picture of me it the water. SHe is under the impression I hate water. She is odd.

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