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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Enough Already!

Winston, a 6-year-old WFT, died today. Maggie, an Airedale-Rottweiller mix from western Pennsylvania, died a couple of days ago. Our friend Oscar died on Saturday. Three in one week.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

R. I. P. Oscar, My Friend

Farewell dear Oscar Airedale. We knew you for only a short time, but we always enjoyed you. My family and I will miss you, sweet Oscar.

We are so sad.
Koobuss and Family

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

Hi Everybody,

My mom is agonizing about what to do with my hair. Strip or clip? Clip or strip? Or nothing at all? (Is this really an
option?) Sometimes I hope she leaves it the way it is. I kind of like the puppy look, but I know I can't be a puppy forever.
Can I? I am over nine months old already. Some day I am going to have to grow up and have an adult hairdo. Or not.
Maybe I can be a puppy forever. Or at least look like one. (Act like one, too, perhaps? hehehe)

What do you think?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Bad Hair Day

Hi Everybody,

Today it rained here all day long. I didn 't get to go for my walk and play with any of my friends. I had to stay on the deck whenever I went outside. To make matters worse, I got wet a lot of times. I HATE THAT!!! Just look at my hair! I can't do anything with it. (I think I'll chew this comb.) Talk about a bad hair day!!!! AGHHH!!! I guess I'll just have to hide.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

All In the Family

Hi Friends,

Here are some pictures of my mother (Molly) and my two new baby sisters, Daisy and Lily. I don't know who's who. They are a month old now. It's nice being a big sister. I'm not the baby in the family any more. (Isn't mom gorgeous! I hope I look like her when I grow up.)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Success at Last Again!!

Hi Everybody,

It is a tremendous honor to receive this award. I want to thank Maggie for nominating me and Putter for helping me to finally find the code to insert it in my blog. Thank you, my friends. Now I am going to return the favor to Agatha and Archie and nominate them. Then they can nominate two more friends. Thank you again.

Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

Thursday, July 19, 2007


My mom can't load my Rockin' Dog Blogger award that I got from Maggie today. She worked on it almost all day, and nothing happpened. WAAAAAAAH!!! She is so frustrated. Could we blame this on the moon? Can't keep blaming mom. She'll get mad. The moon won't. Maybe if I howled at it...

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Success at Last!!

YES!!! I got it! Finally!! And it really wasn't that difficult after all. (I think my typist was having a brain cramp!) First, I want to thank Butchy and Snickers and Agatha and Archie for nominating me for this prestigious award. Then I would like to thank all those who helped me (I mean mom) get the award posted. Mom tried everything. Finally the one thing that worked was the link that fee put in my chat box. Thank you, fee. And it was so simple, once mom figured out what to do. Duh!!! (I really can't be too critical though. She takes good care of me.)

Now I can smile again!

Monday, July 16, 2007


I am so sad. My friends Butchy and Snickers and Agatha and Archie have nominated my blog for a Rocking Girl Blog Award. I have tried to insert it in my blog over and over again and it just does not work. I even tried different ways to do it and nothing happens. I feel so bad. Thank you for your kindess and for thinking of me and for nominating me for such an important award. I am sowwry if I disappointed you, my friends.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Hi Everybody!

I've been tagged. Gusdaggerwft says I have one of the cutest smiles he's ever seen. I hope he is not feeding me some line. The first thing I thought was, "Yeah, I bet you tell that to all the girls." On second thought, as I look through my pictures, I think he is right. I have posted 3 photos of me with my famous smile--from left, front, and right. What do you think is my best side?

Now I am going to tag 3 of my friends. Then they post pictures of themselves smiling and tag someone else if they want to. I am tagging Axel from Philadelphia, although I know he doesn't feel much like smiling with his new hair style, and the Barkalot Boyz, Jake and Just Harry, from Florida. They have great smiles, too.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

An Intruder

A cute little mouse
Moved into our house.
When I am asleep
The mouse does creep
Into my food bits
Giving me fits.

Traps won’t work
With this jerk.
I like traps too
Their smell is cool.
The traps attract me,
And not he.

He comes out in the dark.
When I don’t bark.
I can’t catch him,
I’m too slow to snatch him.
I’ll just have to share
What food I leave there.

This is what cats are for.
But the cat that lives next door
Will not get him
Because I won’t let him.
All that I need
Is the cat’s speed.

If I were a skunk
I’d give him a dunk.
He’d disappear
And not come back here.
I’d solve the mystery
And the mouse would be history!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Beating the Heat

Hi Friends,

Boy, has it been hot! This is my first summer and Mother (Molly) didn't tell me it would be like this. Being a fall-born dog (October) and a northerner, I am not used to this stuff. They tell me that there are things you could do to get some relief. One of them is to go for a swim. That's what my Kousin Koobus II used to do. He had his very own swimming pool.

Koobus II even had his own ocean. Here he is at the beach.

Kousin Koobus III just liked to hang around with his sun visor and at least look cool.

I don't have a sun visor, a swimming pool, or even an ocean. I guess I'll just have to sweat it out the hard way with a spot in the shade and a good bone.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Morning After

Good Morning.....


I don't feel so good. I think I have a hang over. This 4th of July stuff is no fun for me with all that partying and all that noise. Last night I felt like I was in a war zone, and I'm not even in the army. And barking does not help. I barked as best as I could at the fireworks, but they still didn't stop. People call this fun? I just don't understand humans. This is one time that I'm sorry that my hearing is better than theirs. Next year I'm going to leave town for the 4th. Maybe I'll go to Philadelphia and visit Axel or New York and visit Asta, where it is nice and quiet on the 4th of July. They don't have fireworks in the big cities, do they?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Hi Everybody

Yawn! That was a nice nap. Oh, it's Monday again! Time to go back to sleep. Only kidding. I have a story for you.

Last Tuesday, when it was so hot, my family went here. This is called an adult playground. They have these machines there that you put your money in. The wheels on the machine spin around and stop. Then you put more money in. The wheels spin around and stop again. Then you put more money in, etc. When you are out of money, you go home. I'm glad I didn't go with them. I still have all my money, which is a considerable inheritance that I received from my three previous Uncle Koobuses (approximately $14.00). I'm not giving any of that away to watch reels spin. That doesn't seem like fun to me. I don't understand them.

They also have these things at the adult playground. I think they are called horses. The horses run around in ovals, pulling these silly little wagons with one guy in them. Each horse is wearing a different color hat. When they get close to the finish line, the humans start yelling. Then they take the winning horse's picture and everybody else goes back to the barn. This poor guy must have lost, since he was put out to pasture and is dining alone. Look at him. Isn't that sad? Not even a dog will come near him.

In a couple of weeks, my family will probably go back to the adult playground. You don't see dogs doing that. Some people never learn. As long as they don't take my $14.00 with them, I don't care what they do. I'm cheap that way. Besides, I'm saving it for something important, such as stock in a bone company.

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