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Monday, July 16, 2007


I am so sad. My friends Butchy and Snickers and Agatha and Archie have nominated my blog for a Rocking Girl Blog Award. I have tried to insert it in my blog over and over again and it just does not work. I even tried different ways to do it and nothing happens. I feel so bad. Thank you for your kindess and for thinking of me and for nominating me for such an important award. I am sowwry if I disappointed you, my friends.


Rudy said...

Aw Koobuss don't feel so bad my Mom isn't good with inserting stuff on my blog either. Right now she can't even get pics inserted for some odd reason. I need a Mom who is smarter!


Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, we know you're rockin' anyway Koobuss, so don't feel sad.

If it helps, mum saved my award as a photo by right clicking on the image of it on the blog that nominated me and choosing "save picture as" and saving it with my other photos on the computer. She then inserted it into my blog in the same way as she does my photos.

Oscar x

Maggie said...

My mom saved my award and then uploaded it to photobucket and copied the HTML and posted it that way. My mom totally understands how frustrated you are Koobuss. She's been there MANY times!

Love ya lots,

fee said...

hi koobuss, congrats!!!

unfortunately, i'm not good with these geek stuff either, and i had so much problems with it before actually getting it to show up in a post (still haven't figured out the sidebar). could u give oscar's method a try? that's how i did mine too.


Gus said...

Wow! Now I know my mom isn't the only techno dummy in the blog world. It looks like we will all try Oscar's suggestion! Thanks for asking, we were just to the second set of curse words here.

Lorenza said...

Hi, Rockin' Girl Koobuss.
don't feel bad! All of us have had problems to insert things in our blogs. Oscar's suggestion is easy to follow. I hope you can do it!
Have a nice day

Koobuss said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Oscar. My mom tried that twice, but Blogger won't load it because it says it has to be a jpeg file, even though it has a jpeg extension on it and will save in iphoto. But when she tries to upload it from iphoto to Blogger, Blogger won't let her. Blogger says it has to be a jpeg file, even though it already is a jpeg file. Go figure. I think my mom is about to give up on this.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey Koob, don't worry. One look and we know you're a winner anyway.

Agatha and Archie said...

DOn't be sad Koobus, it took PL 2 ages to get mine on! She saved it as a picture and then downloaded it in the blog as a picture!Like Oscar said! Now she has to figure out how to get our picture next to our posts( She's been trying forever!!)We know you rock anyway so it doesn't really matter!!!!! Love Agatha+ Archie

Peanut said...

Oh we hope you get it added Koobuss because you really are rockin.

William Tell said...

Congratulations on your award, Koobuss. With your winning smile, you deserved it!

William Tell

fee said...

hi koobuss, i've left you a link to copy and paste onto your sidebar, inside your shoutbox. the comments box won't let me leave any html here so i've left it there instead. i just managed to get my award image up with those text so hopefully it'll work for you too!


Stanley said...


You rock no matter how techno savvy your mama is or isn't.

Goober love,

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