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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

take a chance on me


Scruffy & Lacie said...

Pawsome!!!!! We haven't even figured out how to add video to our blog, but this might be a good lesson! Er, Koobie, I have some kinda rash in my ear...Mumsie thinks it Shower Ear from getting it wet every day when I insist on showering with Mumsie. (Now the world knows that Mumsie does practice personal hygience at least daily.) I was wondering if it might be from when the balloon fell into Lake Michigan. How are your ears? Red, itchy? Scruffy is acting as deaf as a post, but Dad says it's a male thing for ignoring bossy females. Let me know! Lacie

Asta said...

I'm feeling much bettew thank you, just sad that I can't go play with my fwiendz..It's aways a little scawy to go to the vets..but as you saw I went in all by myself..they weally awe vewy nice,and the medcine isn't huwty at all.
I hope you didn't get what Lacie did in Lake Michigan when youw balloon fell!
smoochie kisses

Agatha and Archie said...

Great video Koobie!! Archie and PL2 are dancing together around the house to the music while I type!! Love A+A

Lorenza said...

Hi, Koobie
Great video to welcome Harry!

Gus said...

Oh good job Koobie, and for such a pup too! Muzzer hasn't figured out the mechanics of putting the video on, she just barely mastered links! You are such a smart girl pup!

Blue said...

What a super choice of welcome song & video for Harry.
I too have got into techie things like adding video's - well done you!

Pats & pets

Ms. Creek said...

i love that song!

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Koobie...we could hear your beautiful voice in the background when Mumsie was talking to your mom on the phone. Two sleeping bags, right!!!!! Thanks to your mom for cleaing up the video issues...she's a genius!!!!!

Lac wants to know what ur wearing to the campout?

Not a clue here, but it's gonna be chilly at night!!!

Night kisses, Scruffy

Mojo said...

My Mum just wants to say this video has put her in the best mood ever.


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