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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My First Day Here

Kousin Butchy tagged me to tell you about my first day here at my forever home. Here goes.

On the morning of Thursday, December 14, 2006, my mom awoke to find her wire fox terrier, Koobus III, age 14 years and 1 month, dead in his bed. They had him since he was seven weeks old and were devastated.

Later that morning my mom started making phone calls to find a new wft. Her cousin who lives by Lake Onterrier (where we went on vacation in August) had seen an ad in the Rochester, NY, newspaper about one wft puppy for sale in Binghamton, NY. (That was me.) After more phone calls, buyer and breeder connected, and here I am. I arrived here on Saturday, December 30, two weeks and two days after K3 died.

This story is much longer. There were people from the yahoo wirefoxterrier list and Wire Fox Terrier Rescue involved. Axel’s mom, Daniella Slon, stopped my family from buying a puppy from a Missouri puppy mill. My mom was on the phone for several days trying to find me. She even talked with a AKC breeder/judge, who told her that wft puppies were very had to get. He also called us, “little clowns in fur suits”.

Anyway, my breeder, a terrific lady named Cindy Smith, who along with her husband Ray, own A1 Wire Fox Terrier Kennels of Rexleigh in Binghamton, NY, and my mom and grandpa met at 10 AM in Clarks Summit, PA, north of Scranton, on Saturday December 30, 2006. Cindy handed me to my new mom, who gave me lots of hugs and kisses. Mom and gramps renamed me (my original name was Tippy) and I had a new home and new identity. KOOBUSS IV! On the way home, I slept on grandpa’s lap coming down Interstate 81, with Binghamton further and further behind me, not realizing where I was going or how my life was about to change forever.

When we arrived here, they gave me a drink and some toys to play with. They showed me around the house, and then my new mom took me for a walk to acquaint me with my new yard and neighborhood.

Later that day, my cousin Layla, a cocker spaniel who is a few months older than me, came to visit with her family. I was afraid at first because she was so much bigger than I was and besides, I was an only puppy and not used to other dogs. It took me a while to get comfortable around her. Then we played and after they left, I took a nap. When I woke up, my new mom and I played some more.

Then my mom took me to bed. I was exhausted from the journey, the walk, the playing, and the company. The next morning I took control of the household, and later that night we celebrated the start of a New Year and a new and happy life together. In March of 2007, I started blogging. You know the rest.

I love it here. I have everything I want, they dote on me, and when I bark, they listen.

Now I would like to tag Kousin Asta, Axel, and my dear Scruffy.


Scruffy & Lacie said...

Koobie...I had tears in my wiry eyes when I read your post, my Sweet!!! Your were pawfully cute as a pup, but you are one foxy "almost one" Lady now!!!!! We will gather pix for your tag...we've been remiss with some other tags, but this one we will get right on! Kleenex to your mom who awakened to find Koobie III who had moved onto the Rainbow Bridge. Mumsie got all upset just thinking of it. But we move on and new puppy life comes into the house. Speaking of new puppy life, we have to go and supervise Mumsie doing pee patrol with the black light...her new hobby. Lacie spent SO much time on the puter after the busy weekend blogging, that she forgot to tell me to go outside and I think I might need and go and hide when that black lite comes out. Um, I think the above is a "run on "sentence; I learned that in obedience school..perhaps the only think I learned.

Wiry love and kisses,

Lorenza said...

Hi, Koobie
Thanks for sharing the story of your first day at home! Sure your mom was sad, but she had too much love to give to you!!!
We are so lucky having a lovely family who takes care of us!
Have a good night

Wiry Axel said...

I'm very proud of my mom for helping your mommy find you! Lovely story and pictures.

Axie Pax

Ms. Creek said...

precious story for a precious koobie!

Gus said...

Koobie we loved your story. My muzzer will cry when she reads it. And she will be so jealous of your mom - how lucky she has been to have multiple wfts in her life.

Stanley said...


Give some goober hugs to your mama as she remembers Koobus III. That must have been a very hard time for her. She's so lucky you adopted her and are living the good life together!

Hugs to your grandpa too.

Goober love,

Pee Ess
Rest up from the weekend, girlie!

Asta said...

You suwe were gowgeous aweady as a baby I know why youwe as bootiful now! youw poow Mom must have been heawt bwoken,just like mine was last yeaw..isn't it wondewful that they awe willing to open theiw heawts all ovew again to a new love.
Thank you fow the tag...
I'll twy to get my pictoowes togethew and and post them asap
smoochie kisses

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Koobie, I'm so glad you got such a great furever home. You're puppy photos are so cute.

~ Girl girl

blue said...

I think your mum was amazing to go look for you so soon after loosing your namesake K3.
But I'm so glad she did & you have such a happy home with her

What an adorable baby pup you were!

Pats & pets

Joe Stains said...

what a great story!

Scruffy said...

What a lovely story Koobie. I'm glad your Mummy got you. I must say that your new name is better than your old one.

The Mighty Scruff

Maggie & Mitch said...

How awful for your mom to discover Koobuss III this way! But it did lead her to you and what an adorable puppy you were!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

William Tell said...

Sounds like you had some mighty big pawprints to fill on your first day, but lucky for your family, you knew just how to brighten things up. Who could resist you?

Great story, we loved it.
William Tell

Ruby Bleu said...

What a great story Koobie!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey cousin Koobie,
You have such cute puppy pictures! We remember when your Mama was looking to find you on the fox terrier groups. So sad about Koobuss III, but at least he went in his sleep peacefully. We're so glad your Mama found you.
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Cousin Butchy & Snickers

Quinvale AstaLaVista Baby said...

G'day Koobie,

That's a gweat stowy. We're glad your mum found you and avoided the puppy mill. Your mum was smart to keep the Koobie line going - we love your name too!

xxx Asta down under

Noah the Airedale said...

Hi Koobie, this is our first visit to your blog. We really enjoyed your story. You sound happy.

Hugs from
Noah, Willow, Lucy & Tess

Jackson said...

Hey Koobie, It must have been terrible for your Mum finding Koobus III like that, but I'm sure he's now in a better place. And now there's you! So your sad story has a very happy ending! Jx

Agatha and Archie said...

Oh Koobie you are one lucky little girl!!!Love A+A

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh yu lookt so cute wen yu wer littol! (yu still look cute now!)
How did yu feel abowt chayngin yor nayme? I think Koobuss is better than Tippy tho!

Big nose hugs!


Rudy said...

That IS a great story of how you came to live with your family. I didn't realize wfts were so hard to find, just like us Bedlington Terriers! My Mom has been up to Binghamton a few times and says it's a long drive.
When I came to live here as a puppy all the other dogs ran and hid!!


Ms. Creek said...

haven't heard from you nor seen a new post from you for a while. i hope you are doing okay!

Pacco de Mongrel said...

Wow!! u actually inherited d koobus name....ur koobus IV!

Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...


Very nice story and cute pictures. Luna's kinda busy crawling around under the bed at the moment. I hear all kinds of banging, maybe it is time to go and see what she is up to. Never a dull moment with a Wire in the house.

Luna's Dad.

Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

Hi Koobuss! So why do your parents name their WFTs Koobuss I - IV? A sweet story whatever the reason!

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