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Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Hi Friends,

It's me,  Koobuss.

Lately my mom has been spending a lot of time making over my blog.  Now I learned that she wants to make over ME!  Yikes!!

Just because when I went to the vet yesterday due to my sore footie and tipped the scales there a little more than I should have (okay, maybe a lot more than I should have), it's no reason for her to cut out almost all my treats.  She even hid them on grandpaw so he can't sneak them to me anymore like he always used to.  Doesn't she know that these treats are low cal?

And tell me, is this enough of a reason for her to increase my walking distance to a mile now?

Besides all this, I'm also going to have a standing appointment at the canine beauty parlor every six weeks for a trim and a manicure and pedicure.  Sheesh.  I used to think it was so much fun being a dog.  Not any more!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Deep in Thought

Hi Friends,

It's me, Koobuss, in another pensive mood.

I have so many things on my mind, so many important questions.

Such as:

1. Where did all this heat come from? We were having such a nice pleasant (but wet) summer and now it's so hot that we can't even get outside until well after dark. And if I go outside then and bark, everybody gets mad at me.

2. How come you can't really see all the water in the air, but you sure can feel it? We have a portable air conditioner that is also a dehumidifier and every couple of hours my mom has to empty the bucket. Now where does all this water come from? One minute you can't even see it and the next minute you are emptying a bucket full of it.

3. How come they never take me to the casino? I have a purse. See? I keep it close to me most of the time.

4. And that brings up another question. Why is my purse empty? Maybe it's because I don't have a job and have no income. That might be why they won't take me to the casino. However, I do have a savings account. I inherited several dollars from all my rich Uncle Koobuses. Koobus I, Koobus II, and Koobus III all had money. It's nice having rich uncles.

5. When is my mom finally going to finish changing my bloggie? She is trying to add a picture background. I think that she just oughtta leave well enough alone before she wrecks everything, but that's only my opinion, and what do I know?

Now back to thinking. All these mind boggling questions are just overwhelming. I hope you can help me with the answers.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Look

Hi Friends,

I don't know if you've noticed or not, but my bloggie has a new look. My mom's been working on it lately, trying to update it and make it more appealing. She has some ideas for it but has not been able to make them work yet. I'm afraid that my bloggie will be so messed up that we will never get it straightened out. Cry, cry. I hope that I still have a bloggie left by the time she gets done with it.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Something to Ponder

Hi Friends,

I finally did get out on the deck the other night where something caught my eye and made me think. It was a lightening bug. (Some people call them "fire flies".) Bigify the picture to get a look at one all lit up.

See what I mean? You never even see them fly by and then all of a sudden they light up right in mid air. Fascinating!

Where do they get that light? Do they have little headlights in them that light up for a few seconds and then turn off? How are lightening bugs powered? Do they have miniature batteries in them? If so, where do they charge these little batteries? Lightening bugs can't keep buying new batteries since they don't have any money, so they must have battery charging stations hidden somewhere where they can go during the day to get recharged. That would explain why we don't see them in the daytime. They are at the recharging station. This makes perfect sense. I know they can't possibly all have extension cords that long. What do you think? Any ideas?


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And Again

Hi Everybody,

Last night I was hoping that Grandpa and I could sit on our deck tonight and enjoy the refreshing night air. Here is what happened.

And look at my outside bed! It's soaked. I won't be able to use it for days!!

To make matters worse, this is the second night in a row that I got wet, and I'm not happy.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It Happened Again

Hi Friends,

It's me, Koobuss.

Tonight Grandpa and I went outside to sit on the deck and enjoy a lovely summer evening.

We weren't there for very long when I heard a loud noise in the sky.

I recognized it immediately. It was that awful, frightening sound that makes most dogs shudder. It was thunder.

Big raindrops started to pelt us so we ran in the house. It's a good thing that we didn't have far to go. I was already soaked once today when my mom hosed me down after we got back from our walk this morning. While one shower a day is certainly enough for anydoggie, two are excessive. Enough already.

Eventually, we did have a sunset. Sort of.

But that was the end of our pleasant evening on the deck. Better luck tomorrow ... maybe.


Sunday, August 9, 2009



It's getting hot here and I don't have a swimming pool!!!!!!!! WHAAAAA..... I am so deprived.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just Chillin'

Hi Everybody,

It's me, Koobie.

This is what I am doing on a Saturday afternoon in August. Just chillin' in the house by the air conditioner. What are you doing?


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