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Monday, June 30, 2008

Down da Shore

Hi Friends!

My mom has decided that she would rather enjoy the summer weather and do all kinds of things outside than stay in the house and work on the computer. She has neglected my blog big time lately. This has me down in the dunps. So, I decided to cheer myself up and go down da Shore (the New Jersey coast). Anyway, I went by myself since I wasn't able to invite all my blogging buddies to join me. As you can see, I am still lonesome. I'll be here a few more days before I go home for the 4th, so if any of you want to join me, let me know, and "come on down!" I'd love to have ya.

Here I am driving to the beach. I don't think that this is a good place to pawk, so I'll have to pawk here, along the side of the road in front of this SUV.

This is a great beach, even though you have to share it with some weird looking characters.

Come on in!! The water's fine!!

I think I'll do some fishing. Maybe I can rent a boat.

Unfortunately, they would not rent me a boat. (Maybe they heard about my driving record.) They told me that they didn't have any boats available, but I see lots of boats. So anyway I had to sit here in the surf and fish. I didn't catch anything. Fish don't like me, but I sure like them! YUM......

Later on I decided to go into town and do some shopping. Here's a parking spot. No! I think that I can get a better spot closer. YES!! Now, if I only had somebody to shop with....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bein' In Charge

Hi Friends,

The other day I drove to Pittsburgh to help Lacie take care of Stuffie Stan after his major surgery (and she said we'd go to a Yankees-Pirates game.) What a tremendous response she got to her call for help! There are so many nurses here! Then, as luck would have it, Lacie was summoned to England to nurse Jackson back to health after he was bitten on the ear by a Dale. So, off she went, taking her best assistants with her. But before Lacie left, she put me in charge of Stuffie Stan's care. It is my job to supervise the nursing staff, make sure that Stuffie Stan heals properly, that he remains calm, gets lots of rest, and does not burst his stitches. All this is a tremendous amount of responsibility and I had to give it a lot of thought, especially since I'm not a very good nurse. But I decided to step up and accept this challenge! I know that I'll get a lot of help from Scruffy and the others. (I bet Lacie picked me because I have the nicest hat.)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rushin' to Help Lacy

Hi Everybody!!

Boy, it's been one hectic week around here. My secretary was so busy that she didn't have time to get me to Lacy's sooner, so now I have to rush. Lacy is in desperate need of help. She is trying to nurse StuffieStan back to health after his accident and she is having all kinds of problems with the males in her family, so she called out for my assistance because she is exhausted. Here I come, Lacy!!! I'll be right there!

Monday, June 16, 2008

International Gift Exchange

Hi Friends,

The other day my mom finally let me open my package from Penny, Poppy, and Patches.

Oh boy!!! Please hurry!!!

WOW!!! Look at all this stuff!! I am so excited!

Penny, Poppy, and Patches' mom Lana even made my mom a replica of me!! Wasn't that nice of her!! It even comes with official adoption papers! My mom is thrilled! She gave it a very special place in our home where everyone can see it. Thank You so much, Lana! How kind and generous of you to do that. We will cherish this always.

Give me that bone!! I WANT THAT BONE!!!! Now I have to get to work. There is a bone to be chewed. Watch the video for a demonstration.

Oops! I think I'm going to have a lot of crumbs with this one. I'm sure that the maid will help me clean them up. Hehehe

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!

And, a special Happy Father's Day to my dog dad Yankee Doodle Bandit of Rexleigh. Isn't he handsome!!

But, most of all, a very special Happy Father's Day to my favorite bully stick holder in the whole world, GRAMPA!!!


Lots of Koobuss Kisses!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday Already

Hi Friends!

It's me, Wheels, weporting on Wheelie Wednesday!

I've been weally worried about something lately. It's this guy. He been hanging around our neighbor's pool. I think that he's an imposter. Doesn't he look a lot like me? Or is it my imagination?

Koobie decided to check him out, very cautiously.

She looks in every direction.

And that's all I know.

Update on the Snake
I am pleased to wee-port that our friend the milk snake has been wee-located to a better place. He was captured the other day sleeping in our garage, (YIKES!) and transported to a cool spot in the woods. He is now living in a swampy wooded area and should feel right at home with all his snake friends, living in his natural environment instead of in a civilized neighborhood with us higher, more sophisticated beings.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Hottest Day of the Year

Hi Everybody,

Here we are baked alive
On the hottest day of the year
What a good time to take five
And maybe have a beer

Grandpa and I relaxed today
On the hottest day of the year
We didn't have any pep to play
So the AC we stayed near

I'm not fond of days like these
The hottest day of the year
With my thick fur there is no breeze
But the fan still hits my rear.

Boy oh boy, what's that I smell
On the hottest day of the year
Popcorn would go so well
With that tall cold wet beer


So you ask, how do I stay cool?
On the hottest day of the year
You know me, I'm no fool
I don't drink any of the beer!

I just eat popcorn and drink lots of cool refreshing ice water. (Doesn't that look good?)

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