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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Whining Again

Hi Everybody,

It's me, Koobuss.

I really hate to be a whiner, well not really, but this weather sure has me upset.

You see my last post from a few weeks ago?  That could be this post, too.  Things haven't changed much at all.  SHUCKS!!  The calendar says that spring started a week ago.  Well, this is what spring looks like for now in NEPA (Northeast PA).   Here are a few of my most recent photos.

I am so depressed.  It's only 29 degrees now.  It's too cold to even sit on the deck in the sun.  So, I'll just have to take another nap.  (The only good things to come out of all this is that I am well rested and I have been able to avoid getting a bath for a while now.  For every minus there is a plus.  Hehehe...)

Love and Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hi Friends,

It' me, Koobuss.

I've been eagerly waiting for spring, just like everybody else around here, and for a while, I thought it was close.  Why, I even spent some quality deck time out in the sun already just chillin'.

It was so nice to see and smell the grass again.  All our snow had finally melted.  We had geese flying  overhead and robins appearing.  The temperatures were getting warmer and life was good.  Then yesterday and last night those of us who are eagerly awaiting spring suffered a major setback!   We had a BLIZZARD!!!    A real blizzard, with heavy winds, power outages, rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow, ice, 35-mph winds,  cold temperatures, and all this new snow.  This is more snow than we had all winter!  I am not a happy camper, and neither is anybody else I know.  SHUCKS!!!  BIG TIME!!!!

Guess I'll just go back to sleep.  Looks like hybernating season isn't over yet.

Love and Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

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