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Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Back

Hi Everybody,

It's me, Koobuss.

Every once in a while, like many of you, I have trouble with my secretary.  It seems that she gets distracted rather easily.   Lately she has been taking lots of pictures, traveling here and there, and relaxing in the sun.  She's not interested in my problems at all.

For example, my issues with a certain local rabbit have been well documented over the last few months.  Well, my friends, it's getting worse.  Before I just had one certain bunny bugging me, but now I have two!

This is what was in my front yard this morning, around 9 AM, Eastern Daylight Time.  Please bigify to get a better look.

Did you see her?  Now she (Bonnie Bunny) thinks she's safe there crunching down and hiding in the grass.  But I know all about her and I'm watching.

At the same time that she was enjoying the morning sun, he (Benny Bunny) was hanging out by the lilac bush in the back yard.  This is the same guy who has been teasing me for months.  As you can see, he's still here.

So, my friends, I am now outnumbered, 2-1, and something is telling me that it's going to get a lot worse.  Sheesh...

Meanwhile, my mom has not helped me at all with this rabbit control issue.  Well, what has she been doing with herself, you ask.  Here is a small sample of her photos from April.  Please bigify to see the details.





And, finally, a photo from a couple years ago, with some minor editing.

Well, friends, it's time for my nap.  I've got to get my rest now that I have two bunnies to chase.  Sheesh...

Love and Lots of Koobuss Kisses,
Koobie, WFT

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

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Happy Spring Everybody!!!

Love and Lots of Koobuss Kisses,

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Hi Friends,

It' me, Koobuss.

My family and I would like to wish all of you a Very Happy Easter and a beautiful spring day!

Now my mom, not being very original since she crossed the line into senior citizenhood, turning 62 years old today,  thought that she would take the easy way out and post an old Easter video from 2008,  a rerun, (or is it "previously viewed").   Whatever.  Anyway, the message is still the same, and we hope that you enjoy it.

Not to change the subject, this morning we received this email from an old friend. We thought it was 
terriorific and we want to share it with all our our blogging buddies.

Our compliments to the anonymous creator.  Great job!!

Well, friends, that's it for today!!  Have a great time, gets lots of treats, and enjoy this beautiful time of year!

Love and Lots of Koobuss Kisses.

pee ess  Baseball season starts tonight!  Yea!!!!  GO YANKEES!!!!!!!

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